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After meeting a beautiful girl at a house party, Charles' life takes a turn for the bizarre. In an effort to get to know her better, he finds himself experimenting with a host of unconventional lifestyles. The people he meets share strange, sometimes outrageous perspectives on how to live. They are all right in their own ways, but every choice has a cost.


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Art Inspired by Ice Party

Swimming Around at Night Deep in the Ocean


Mushroom Books is a new publishing house. 

Ice Party is its debut release.


Production Details

Ice Party is being produced at Studio Ephemera in Berkeley, CA. The first run is being printed using a semi-handmade production technique. These specialty copies were only available on Kickstarter. After the book has been shipped to the first few supporters, production will shift to print-on-demand.



Sumeet Banerji is the author of Ice Party. Most of the book was written in an apartment on top of a tunnel in San Francisco. Some parts of it were written in Bangalore, India where he grew up.


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